“Jason is a rare kind of marketer”
Equally adept at leading, strategy, and getting his hands dirty to execute at the campaign level. He understands conventional wisdom in marketing but more importantly, he knows where it doesn't work and how to get creative. With a tiny marketing team, we've greatly appreciated his advice on which programs to focus on, how to think about hiring and building marketing from the ground up.
Mona Akmal
CEO at Falkon
“Jason is one of the few B2B marketing leaders”
“...who came up through the ranks from an operations standpoint. He is able to merge an impressive capability in messaging, brand and creative with his extensive martech and analytical knowledge to produce outstanding results”
M.H. Lines
Co-Founder of Stack Moxie
"Jason was responsible for generating 70% of the revenue at Metadata..."
“...by applying his strong capabilities across brand, demand gen and operations. During his 4 years at Metadata, he rarely missed pipeline goals from Marketing."
Gil Allouche
CEO at Metadata
“For me, meeting Jason was that lucky break.”
"As a startup founder, sometimes you catch a break that radically transforms the trajectory of the business. For me, meeting Jason was that lucky break. From our very first interaction, Jason has been a consistent source of customer introductions, marketing knowledge/best practices, and energy. He will go above and beyond for you and I just wish he would let us hire him full-time."
Rahul Jain
CEO at Noble
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